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"When you really draw something, never fear to be BOLD, otherwise, it won't be that amazing~" Tina N.

P.S. Did I not tell you that I am also a writer? At some point it dawned on me that I do enjoy putting my imagination in texts, not just images. Oh joy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Atlantis Zombie (2011)

Atlantis Zombie rough sketch

Atlantis Zombie finished
This was for a fun contest of CSUN Animation club, the concept idea was "Atlantis Zombie".

The Forgotten Goddess (2010)

Zoi [Moira]

Zoi [Moira] - Youth image


Zeus - full body


Athena in action

Digital Arts (2010)

Early work (STAR WARS)
Story Concept

Self Portrait

Life Drawings (2010)

Creative Drawings (2010)

Animals Rights

Postcard copy (graphite pencil practice)

Postcard copy (larger version)

Artists trading cards (v2)

Artists trading cards (v1)

"Rhythm of Beauty"

Early works (2009)

The Ballerina doll

The Ballerina doll (nude)

Self Portrait

 Sculpture - The Goddess

Concept Art (Bird-girl)

MS Paint Experiment

Penelope Cruz Portrait from Mango

Adrian Monk from USA TV series MONK

Portrait of an Asian young man

Character Design - Girl Warrior

 Gothic Asian Boy Portrait

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