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This is Tina. I am an artist, an animator, a joker, and a laugher. I am not the best but I am not the worst either. And my goal is to be on top. These blogs are bringing you my greatest passion in life, which I hope you will enjoy. Nothing is as entertaining as images, both still and moving. So please, forget the real world and welcome to the world of imagination~

"When you really draw something, never fear to be BOLD, otherwise, it won't be that amazing~" Tina N.

P.S. Did I not tell you that I am also a writer? At some point it dawned on me that I do enjoy putting my imagination in texts, not just images. Oh joy!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another way to escape~

My life has been quite messy for the past few weeks. In fact, it already started back in the December of 2012.
I have been so busy with other stuff, I never actually got to do my own artwork nor continue my current in-progress story, which I would like to soon turn into an epic comic. But perhaps, last week might just have been one of the worst weeks I have ever experienced in my life. The consequence of such a bad week turned out to be... how can I put this... in control, however. Good thing I am not a negative individual nor a typical positive one that may drive everyone nuts. I am optimistic. But my optimism is driven by my own pessimism, believe it or not.
I was a total broke-down, until I got so sick of it, I decided to fix it.
I was so negative, I decided to keep it in the back of my mind, so I could bring forward the positive.
I would throw myself into the sea of low self-esteem, and slowly let myself sink without any effort of coming back up. And as soon as I touch the bottom, I would just go blank, relax, think of nothing. Until all of a sudden, I would turn into a rocket and fly straight up into the sky.
It may sound strange, but at some point, my pessimism is the motivation for my optimism. I see and accept the bad as a challenge for the good. I look at the reality to paint my own fantasy. And if it is going nowhere, I take it as a sign for 'time to relax!'
It is not totally an 'escape'. I am not running away. It is, in fact, the opposite. In order to 'escape' from the burdens that put me down, I would have to face it.
And that is another way of mine to keep my feet on the track. 

This little sketch is simply another quick sketch. It did its job - keep my mind at peace.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Soccer Girl

I've been working on a short comic series, but suddenly I felt like drawing a soccer girl. I guess I can't wait for next year's World Cup 2014! If only there was a World Cup for female soccer, that would be cool.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back with random doodles~!

Hi folks!

My apology for not updating my art blog for so long (since September 1st of last year sheesh!).

But I am back now and ready to jump on the tablet again! So many things happened the end of last year. I got a new job and it was like 2 hours away from my home so I had to move. I finally got a nice apartment but I had to furnish and decorate it, aside from getting busier and busier at work (which I like by the way, I enjoy being a busy bee, not a lazy pig, although being a lazy pig is really nice sometimes). So there, I got a good excuse for not updating my art blog!

Okay okay, boo for excuses, there should be no excuses at all for a little drawing and doodling! It should only take me what, 5 minutes to do a couple doodles~~~ not just for the fun of it but for joy and everyday practice. So guess what, I did doodle! (For some reason I prefer the term "doodle" than "draw" although there is a big difference between them, but "doodle" simply sounds more fun and free for me~~~ and that is how I feel about drawing.) I doodled a bunch of drawings at my work (sssshhh don't tell my boss... kaka). I drew random drawings and I also drew my co-workers! The people at work "discovered" my special doodling talent so they offered me to doodle on their quota boards. Oh joy!

So behold the doodles I have made at my work:

-Since the studio I've been working at is a 3D studio (it's StereoD by Deluxe!), there is no Photoshop or any special drawing software, unlike a Flash studio, so I just went ahead and used MS Paint (the classic) to fulfill my addiction (drawing/doodling!). At least I got my very own Wacom tablet, which makes everything much easier (although drawing with a mouse can be a great and exciting challenge). Since it is MS Paint, it is a challenge. There are no layers so I got to be extra careful to not make any mistakes, otherwise, I would have to start over and over after erasing it with the MS Paint eraser (Did you know? In my first English term, the British English, it's "rubber"). So here you go, my MS Paint portraits of my awesome StereoD folks!

The Commander

The Man

The Partner

The Sister

The Dude

-And a little exaggerated portrait of myself (you know sometimes you just feel like making yourself pretty~):

The Geek

-Before drawing all of those portraits above, I did experiment a little to see how well I can draw on MS Paint, and this was the result:

The Random Old Man
-Bonus drawing: a sexy chick~

 -Eh~ not completely satisfied with it but I guess it is not too bad.

-Anyway, that is not it. MS Paint bored me at some point. So I thought to myself: "What brought me lots of joy in the first place? --- A pencil!" Of course, every basic doodle starts with it.The classic. The love. The unforgettable:

 -But the eraser ran out (the dang rubber!), I decided to make it another challenge, doodle with a pen! That way, I forbade myself to make any mistakes:

 That's all folks! Thank you!!! And one more thing...

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!! :)

It's still the first week of 2013 so it should not be too late to say it~~~